Product introduction
KW - C40 (3 + NPE) surge protector is used for ac 50 hz / 60 hz, 380 v, TN and TN under - S - C, TN - C - S, TT, IT is power supply system, the product is installed on the 35 mm electric guide shell design, built-in failure from the device, when the surge protector for flow overheating, puncture failure, failure from the device can automatically pulled away from the grid, at the same time, visual warning device to a red from green (normal) (failure). The surge protector module can be replaced with a working voltage.
Product features
Adopt the patented technology for the protection of metal shielding modules.
The technology of overheat and temperature control.
Module design, installation is convenient, can be changed online.
Small leakage current, quick response time, low.
Warning device, green (normal), red (fault).
New technology, high energy, interstitial discharge electrode (n-pe).
Product application and installation location
Installed in LPZOB area and LPZ1 area with LPZ2 area, usually installed in the center of the floor distribution box, computer, telecom equipment room, elevator control, frequency conversion control room equipment, hospital operating room, care unit and is equipped with electronic medical equipment of power distribution cabinet and dispersible cottage (SPD) should be installed in resident distribution box.
Product design and order information: 1, the user should specify the model number and quantity in detail when designing and ordering the product. For example, kw-c40 / (3 + NPE) -385,8.
Technical parameters

The response time

<25 ns

The test on the basis of


Plug in wire area L/N(mm2)

25-35 mm2

Access to the ground connection area PE(mm2)

25-35 mm2

Type of circuit breaker or circuit breaker


The work environment


Relative humidity


The installation

Standard guide rail35mm

The shell material

The glass fiber

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